About Us

My story begins from Gujrath. My native place is royal and beautiful that is ‘Kutch’. Our ancestors migrated from Gujrath to Maharashtra and we just settled here in Malvan. It has now 200 years are passed but still we are pure vegetarian. After getting married, I have also settled with Karandikar’s family and they also belongs to a Kokanastha  Brahmins community. It’s proud to say that they are also pure vegetarian.

In this historical and lovely place, thousand of visitors comes; and these people specially Gujrathi, Marwadi, Jain and also Brahmins. Doesn’t get anything beside the fish. These people even can not take the smell of fish. So they had to suffer from many difficulties. After looking this situation my father, my mentor Mr. Vijaykumar Dharmsisheth Bhatiya (Gujar) inspired me to do something for these kind of people. After all we also faced similar problems at the beginning.

So, I decided to provide pure veg fast food for the visitors. I started ‘ASWAD FAST FOOD’ on 11 April 2007. I have got tremendous response from all kind of people. They mostly belonged to Gujrati, Marwadi, Jain, Brahmin and so on. I thought that the aim for which, I started this hotel was almost got the success.

Now, I can proudly say that the pure vegetarian people as well as who has visited once to “Aswad” eagerly visit again and again. It means we successfully made a place in their mind.

Why Aswad ?

  • We have open kitchen and we make all dishes in front of you.
  • Open air, soft touch of beach sand to your feet, romantic atmosphere make your taste delicious .
  • We organize Birthday Parties, Marriage Anniversary and events.
  • Candle light food make your eve more beautiful.

Today I have achieved so many success and love. This is possible because of customer responses and due to moral support by encouraging me. So I really thankful for all the people who inspired me to do this work.

Mrs. Swapnali Karandikar (Bhatiya)